• Step out of your room
    and step into the home for all – nature.
    Get to know our surroundings better. We have:


  • Birds and butterflies

Birds and butterflies

Meet some new folks. Skipper butterflies, brush-footed butterflies, blue winged ones, and so many birds including the ones who migrated to this dream land. Thennal lets you witness the life cycles of about 20 varieties of butterflies as we have a garden that can host them. The premises of Thennal also boast about 70 varieties of birds.

  • A Garden of Indigenous Plants of Wayanad

A Garden of Indigenous Plants of Wayanad

The best landmarks of a place are its indigenous plants. They let you see Wayanad as it was a hundred years ago. Say hi to a bygone era.

  • Pepper and coffee plantations

Pepper and coffee plantations

Behold pepper and coffee, they were once exchanged for twice the amount of gold. Discover them – with the same charm and vigour that made the world fall head over heels for them – in the purest form. Take a walk through our plantations.

  • A forestland with hundreds of trees

A forestland with hundreds of trees

Witness the old and the best pillars of nature – hundreds of trees. Witness a forest as dense and calm as your mind will be, when you enter them.

  • Wildlife


Hundreds of birds, elephants, deer, wild gaurs, wild boars, and even tigers. It’s your chance to keep your discoveries out of TV channels. Head to the forest nearby, and you are sure to get moments you’ll remember longer than anything else.

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