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Thennal Jungle Camp
Where the dream begins after you wake up

In a fairy-tale land where the real luxury is not having any luxury, Thennal has the perfect place to stay for every discerning traveller.

Traditional Cottage

Imagine traditionally constructed houses with laterite stones and clay tiled roofs, in between the lush green rainforest and paddy fields. The family cottages in Thennal have two separate rooms and a veranda to enjoy the surroundings, but no Wi-Fi or a TV. Out here, we have removed everything that distracts you from nature. However, in case of an emergency, our reception can let you access the internet.

  • Twin Cots
  • Observation Table
  • Seating outside the house

Canopy Hut

Get ready to be a little closer to nature, by being a little adventurous. Thennal has two elevated huts with clay walls that are built on the top of bamboos. Here’s where you can wake up to the chirp of birds and blend into nature like never before.

  • No cots (mattress on the floor)
  • Observation Table
  • Seating outside the house

Deluxe Suite Cottage

Enjoy love life in the lap of nature. Deluxe Suite Cottage of Thennal is meticulously crafted with laterite stones and with a finishing touch of clay roofing which keeps the cottages naturally air-conditioned across all seasons. Experience a honeymoon like no other, by letting loose in the loving gaze of nature.

This suite has a bedroom and separate living space with a couch sofa, you get plenty of room for family, work or both. Other amenities include a pantry, refrigerator and coffeemaker.

  • Twin cots
  • Observation Table
  • Seating outside the house

Culinary Indulgence

Fulfilment doesn’t stop with the pleasant stay. Walk into our restaurant to taste some authentic healthy Kerala delicacies, and if you may like, other Indian cuisines and even Chinese. The restaurant is also big enough to host conferences and parties, if you’d like to have them in this secluded kingdom.

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