b Thennal Jungle Camp Wayanad - Kerala - Homestay, Wildlife Safari to Tholpetty and Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuaries, Ecotourism

Thennal is a jungle camp built by a few nature-lovers

We stay close to the nature, and hold nature close to our hearts. Most of us are wildlife photographers, environmentalists, teachers and writers. Out here at Thennal, we have done everything that let you stay as close as you can, to nature. Right from our rooms and location, to the experiences we offer take you to the new heights of bliss. Because, we appreciate nature-lovers as much as we appreciate nature.

Thank you for letting nature be

Thennal stays far away from commercialization. We have roads where there are no trees. We let every plant grow. We let every butterfly flutter by. So while you are here, kindly refrain from disturbing nature by any means.

Our Green Policy

Water is not a commodity for sale and therefore provide purified drinking water at Thennal, and keep plastic bottles at bay.
Fancy campfires are not promoted at Thennal as an effort to reduce carbon footprint.
Solid waste is treated and turned into organic manure using Smart Bio Bin Waste Management System developed by Kerala Agriculture University.
Your footprints can reduce carbon footprints! Yes, we promise to plant trees equal in number of visitors every year! That's our commitment towards conservation of nature through social forestry program.
We support conservation activities/studies as welfare of the wildlife and protection of their natural habitat is key for the sustainability of a hill station like Wayanad.