• If you believe nature is the real luxury,
    you’re at the right place

If you get a time machine where would you go?

Thennal is for people who go back to the past to envelop themselves in the real luxury – nature in the raw.

It is the elegant, fulfilling and exclusive nature getaway you were yearning for. The lush green rainforest that surrounds you everywhere. The divine silence only by birds and crickets can break. And the unique blend of everything man can never create. Welcome to the soul of Wayanad. Welcome to Thennal.

The best way to make surroundings beautiful?
Let nature be

Let’s be responsible.

Nature knows it better than you. Exactly why Thennal stays far away from commercialization. And also why we have roads only where there are no trees. We let every grass sprout grow. We let every butterfly flutter by. Let loose, Learn and rejuvenate. Here you have everything at its best.

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Sleep Peacefully. Dream is after you wake up

In a fairytale land where luxury is not having any luxury, thennal has 6-8 huts for you to put up. They make you realise that a window is better than AC and a bird’s tweet is way better than your entire twitter account. Take a look at all of them, we never disturbed nature, while building them.

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What our Guests say?

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